Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hello , Good bye Sorry you couldnt accept me as I am

So this is where the rubber hits the road as they say.
Im no longer going to hide myself from what I hope are my online friends.
My circle of friends in the world outside the www have known or at least suspected it for along time now. Most if not all have accepted it and the others either dont care or have chose to ignore it.
Im Pagan ...a green witch if you will . I dont believe in the singular god idea. I believe in the Gods and Godesses, in faires and dragons and the 3 fold law.

I believe herbs can heal the body mind and soul. The elements can aide you in your everyday work. I dont believe in the devil ... in evil yes very much so . Most takes the human form ..look at what so many are doing to the children of the world.
I love hanging out with like minded people and thankfully I have found then. And thanks to someone very special I am learning more than I have ever thought I could. He wont give me the answers to the questions but will set me off down the path that I need to find. Thank you F. and H. you guys what can I say other than I Love you both.
So there it is in a nutshell . Got a question Ill try and answer it . Put please be repectfull .. I dont try and convert anyone , please show the same respect.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Where do I start ?

So its been awhile and alot has happened so if this rambles and doesnt make total sense forgive me.
My oldest daughter became pregnant and lost the baby left her borderline abusive husband and moved to Texas.
Son spent a month and a half in Idaho with his aunt and grandparents was nice having the house to myself when the hubby was at work.
The youngest daughter ... I dont want to even discuss her right now.
Im still unemployed but hoping will be back at it soon..really need the money.
The garden is doing fairly well tomatoes and green beans are going crazy ... thai peppers are slowly producing. Something got our corn and my zuchinni isnt doing anything . Nothing taste better than biting into a tomato and getting that burst of flavor that no store bought one has.
My roses are rather where going crazy until this heat wave knocked the wind out of them.
Im so happy for chris getting things all pulled together and getting in her and the families new home. Wish I could have joined Nat down there with her.
Maybe sometime that get together will happen.
Ive busted butt on the house today and gotten it all back in order minus laundry our bedroom and the laundry room. Tommrow is another day .