Monday, March 31, 2008

Tales of Weekends, Woodpeckers and Distraction

So its Monday morning and Im hoping that things will be better this week.
Mondays are not known for being good days and this is no exception.
But lets back up a bit here and do flashback of the last week.
Youngest daughter decides to stay in Hays big deal really except that the precious grandson will also be staying there . 5 hours way!!! Not a happy grandma.
My loving and expert at tredding on my calm husband decides he needs to go buy slacks for work. Ummm excuse me but what about the 6 or more pair in the closet now ??
Ok fine , you get rid of some of them and I have no problem you getting more (closet space isnt gettin any bigger here folks). Needless to say they didnt get gone through, upside of that one ?
He didnt buy any slacks ...just a pack of black dress socks... go figure ...MEN! All this goes down Sunday when I have the worst cramps I swear Ive had in ever !
Any way pan camera to today. Hubby goes to work I attempt at getting something done I get on line and go to my favorite chat room and I start hearing what sounds like either a woodpecker or a jackhammer in my house! Im freaking out, it gets louder in my bedroom but then it sounds really loud by the sons room then it dawns on my its the furnace ! Oh holy crap its gonna either blow or die on me. So I call the landlord , she says its probably the wind (its gusting to 55mph+ today) if it keeps up after the wind dies down call back. Thankfully it has stopped after it woke up the son. So after sitting and getting nothing done other than opening the curtains and shaded and making more coffee I decide being on line is distracting me to much from getting stuff done.(yeah yeah I know Im on line now, my timer is set so :p) Oh and I did get hamburger out of the freezer for dinner tonight.
Im thinking i need a day at a spa know one of those where they serve you drinks in fluted glasses and elegant little snacks and the pamper and primp you all day....sigh it would be fabulous except for one tiny little glitch ... I cant stand anyone touching my feet...but that my friends is a total different post. Love and Light to you all

Saturday, March 29, 2008

My first blog post

I dont know if anyone other than me will read this but if they do I hope its entertaining inspiring and maybe even educational.
Im married with 3 grown children one grandson and one grandchild on the way.
Im a wanna be herbalist and author .
I like to bake and cook most of the time anyway *big grin*
Im opened minded about alot of things which Im sure I will get into later.
You could say I have an eclectic style to pretty much everything from fashion to religion to TV watching.
I love conspiracies ... but that doesn't mean I believe them .
Love coast to coast am with George Noory all though I liked Art Bell better.
Who are we to assume we are the only intelligent life out there ??

I think actors/actresses and pro sports players get paid way to much money and teachers and nurses and cops and fireman not near enough.
I have a bird a conouer named Hobbes... no there isnt a Calvin ... yet
I believe in dragons and that not all fairies are butterfly winged and friendly little creatures who makes flowers grow and save small children from danger.
Wow I wrote more than I thought I would !