Sunday, April 13, 2008

Quickie update

It has turned cold with snow showers on me this weekend. What the hec ..its suppose to be SPRING already!!!

New to me furniture is here finally yay !! I love it , switched around curtains and Im loving the look !

Ive rearranged every room in the house this week except the bathroom and my bedroom *big grin*.

The son keeps asking why I have to rearrange all the time ... my answer I get bored ?

Ok so my Bushi boy who has been in my care and heart from age 6 weeks turned 4! He isnt supposed to be that old ! He calls me mommom and the hubby Honey...

Ok long story short I call the hubby Honey ... he started calling him daddy but we stopped that due not wanting issues with his bio he calls him Honey .

Yeap thats the bushi boy....and yes he is as onery as he looks. Love him to death and beyond.
And he gets bonus points for believing in dragons

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