Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Starting Over

Im fed up with myself and my house!
I find myself doing just enough to get by with the house.
Its gotten so dark and heavy and its time to get it back on track.
Ive let more than the house go lately and now more than ever I need the light and peace in my life and home.
So for how ever long it take Im going to be cleaning and cleansing my home .
New habits are beginning today and will post the plan and end product.
Todays plan:
Shower and dress to barefeet.
Brush teeth and hair facial care.
Put away all the clean dishes.
Gather all dirty dishes
Scrub out kitchen sink
Wash all dirty dishes
Dry and put away clean dishes
Scrub down all counters
Scrub down butcher block
Scrub down all kitchen Cabniets
Take down and wash knick knacks off top of cabniets
Wash up find new homes for knick knacks in kitchen window
Take down and wash kitchen curtains
Clean kitchen window, wipe out window sill
Clean out wipe out fridge
Declutter top of fridge wash cover and replace
Scrub Stove top to bottom
Scrub outside fridge top to bottom
Scrub Backsplashes
Empty kitchen trash
Clean inside and out of kitchen trash can
Vacuum kitchen
Clean kitchen carpet.

Wheww thats alot may take more than a day but will get it done !

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